The most important is invisible

So your happiness about your picture can last longer, be vigilant about selecting the right glass. Save your art from aging caused by light, so it can come to one’s own. In the RahmenManufaktur you are going to get a professional consultation to the different glass sorts:

  • picture glass
  • UV-protection glass
  • anti-reflective glass
  • acrylic glass
  • float  glass
  • reflective glass

The view of the essentials

Furnishing, clothing, lifestyle: everything a question of personal style. Especially in art the matter of taste disintegrate. Whether you decorate your walls with photographs, water colors or pencil drawings, when choosing the picture glass you should not make compromises.

Only a low-reflection, color-neutral glass will allow us an instantaneous vision at the artwork.

This glass quality, which was so far reserved for the art collectors and gallerists, is now with ®claryl-picture glass also available for your private gallery at home.