About 3500 frame strips from all epoch

Welcome to the RahmenManufaktur

Jan Vermeer - Das Mädchen mit der Perle

Jan Vermeer, Das Mädchen mit der Perle, Druck auf Leinwand in Wunschgröße lieferbar
Druck auf Leinwand in Wunschgröße lieferbar.

Gold Coatings for picture frames

Van Gogh - Mandelblütenzweig

Van Gogh, Mandelblütenzweig , Druck auf Leinwand in Wunschgröße lieferbar
Druck auf Leinwand in Wunschgröße lieferbar.

Framing with 3-Liner mats

Einrahmung mit 3-fach Passepartout

Framing work

Kreative und konservatorisch einwandfreie Einrahmungsarbeiten sind in der RahmenManufaktur Standard.

Passepartout to go

Use our Passepartout Immediate service - Passepartout blanks are manufactured on request usually within 10 to 20 minutes:

 choose color
select size
a cup of coffee and you're done!

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Dear customers,

We are a favorite place for many of you.
However, the current corona virus crisis and the associated temporary closure of our business also present us with a major challenge.
So that you can continue to come to us with your pictures after this difficult time, we need your support:

We are part of the Tagesspiegel campaign KIEZHELFER, where you can buy vouchers from us that can be exchanged for frames, decorative items or pictures after the reopening.
Please support us, so that the frame manufacturer can continue to be there for you as usual even after this difficult phase.


Your RahmenManufaktur

Die RahmenManufaktur

For more than fifteen years, Rahmenmanufaktur has served as your competent partner for framing pictures, painting and objects of art in downtown Berlin.

Your piece of art stays safely in our hands - we do all the work in our own workshops.

Our selection includes over 3500 frame styles, 400 mat colours and a large variety of pre-made frames.

Professional consultation – whether you bring in a print, an oil painting, the first photo of your grandchild, a picture of your cat or a vacation memory - we place emotional value just as high as artistic or monetary value. We support you in realizing your artistic vision, and assist with creative framing ideas based on all the possibilities of a modern frame shop.

Thanks to our large warehouse selection we can offer many fast track solutions. In addition, our “instant mat service” enables our customers to receive custom mats cut in 15-30 minutes.

Our Service

  • Custom framing paintings, pictures and objects
  • Standard picture frames and changeable frames
  • Photo frames
  • Custom mattes
  • UV-safe glass upon request
  • Canvas mounting frames
  • Mounting and laminating on a variety of materials
  • Mirror manufacturing and framing
  • Installation of wall and gallery tracks
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Shipping within Germany